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What do you guys think
Well here is my forum, I just got the theme Smile how do you like it?
Any suggestions?
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Just so you know, that theme is busted in Safari.

Other than that, just looks like every other gaming forum. :x
Screen shot in safari?
I need some proof.
Looks great in firefox Smile
it will have to do i payed 5$ for that theme. I am not going to dump 40-120$ on a theme. Thats how much designers are charging no way.
[Image: theme.png]
[Image: threadviewss.png]
[Image: thread.png]
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It's pretty nice do know the buttons are missing in postbit though.
Do you mean postbit, like when making thread or when viewing a thread. I never heard of that "post-bit".
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Wait... You pay $5 for a theme, but not a domain.. wow...
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(08-03-2009, 07:31 AM)Pingo Wrote: Wait... You pay $5 for a theme, but not a domain.. wow...

Yeah +1. A TLD would go a long way.

Also, I don't see any reason why I would register on your gaming forum when you don't offer anything different from the thousands of existing gaming forums that are at least active.

I do like the theme though, but I would fix it to work with Safari if you haven't already.
You can improve the logo.
How do fix to work with safari? Also any suggestions on something I can have that no other gaming forums would have?
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