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There are many users who have a sticky thread in the Code Modifications forum which lists all of the mods and plugins they have created. As there are now so many mod lists stuck to the top of the forum however, it is now no longer possible to keep these threads as sticky.

So, we've decided to make this one thread which will remain sticky and provide links to all of the current mod lists, allowing the mod lists themselves to be unstuck.

The current list of mod lists is below...

Da Dude -
DennisTT -
Michael83 -
decswxaqz's -
Nitemare -
Massacre -
Smethead -
K776 -
Zaher1988 -
Ryan Ashbrook -
StefanT -
Tikitiki -
DrPoodle -
Hamed -
CraKteR -
nickman -
[email protected] -
DragonFever -
NCAAbbs Skunkworks -
goughy000 -
rcpalace -
ethernet -

It's great to see so many people involved in mod creation. Please contact me if there are any other mod lists which should be added to this list.

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