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Halo 3 Clan Wars $$$$
Play here with many others for money or jsut for fun, i used to run this website about a yr and a half ago but i quit, and now im starting again, i know what im doing so come join and when we reach 100 members i will start the real deal, and while u wait u can talk with others about anything you want

Jeez kid! You've got way more posts in yout trash are than your entire forum. Why? And this thread is going to be closed. It's not powered by mybb.

Worst forum ever! You make the most useless posts!

Only an idiot would join. I bet you won't even reply back because you go around forums spamming your site. Your theme sucks.

Just my input. Wink
[Image: tf_468x60_v2.gif]
This guy must be joking.
Your forum is using phpBB. Thread closed and URL snipped.
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.

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