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Dan's Realm

A place where you can chat with other members, Post stories, fanfics, poetry, talk about music and more. Dan's Realm is combined with another site that I run, called Mcleods Graphics. As you probably cant see , you cannot see the Mcleods Graphics forum as a guest. The site relates to the tv show.

It's just the default skin. Sad
...which is still nice, of course.
Hey, Mr. Feather!
Nice to see a bit of activity on there. Smile

Sadly the default skin is on there, now having that isn't a problem, but having your own unique theme can be cool. Smile
Thanks for your kind comments guys,

Since the site and forum started, I should not do anything atm to the new forum unless I know Members want change.

My members so far are happy with the way things are. So therefore wont be adding any skins to it. The default theme is nice and easy for them to read the topics that are posted. If they want a new theme installed, then yeah I'll see if i can download a good one, but if not then we'll it just stays like that. I know another forum who use the default theme, that I post at (Aussie FanFic), and well members are happy with that theme there. My members are happy with what they have. This is my third forum after a lot of commossion with a previous board system, so I aint changing anything any time soon , not unless I get a bunch of requests from members. LOL

Take care,

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