Closing your board temporarily
Sometimes you need to close your board temporarily in order to perform an upgrade, or apply a modification, or for another reason. This tutorial will show you how to disallow users from viewing the board.

First of all, login to the Admin CP, and click on "Change" in the left menu under the Settings category. Then click Go at the right of the "Board Online / Offline" settings group.

Set the "Board Closed" setting to "Yes" and enter in your reason in the box below (the reason is optional, but users usually would like to know why and for how long the board will be closed Wink)

Submit the form, and then when you view the board (as an administrator), you will see the following screen. Administrators are allowed to view the board as long as they are logged in.

Non-administrators will see the following screen on every page of the forum.

If you logged out of the board when the board is closed, you will not be able to access the board. You must login again to the Admin CP (by appending the admin/ or whatever your admin directory is, after your forum URL) and open the forum by setting the "Board Closed" setting to "No"
Dennis Tsang
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Thanks dennis Smile
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