Name: Kimmo
URL: undisclosed
Comment: Provided a perfect platform on which to build our community-website. Easy-to-use interfaces, flexibility of the system, timely security-updates and ultimate flexibility in regards to customization has made it a breeze to build viable professional website with a funding of a non-profit! Brilliant package! Having tested phpBB, phpBB2, PhpBBPlus, IPB, VBulletin and a number of other packages, I take MyBB over them any day!
Quote:With MyBB, I was able to set up a great free forum effortlessly within minutes! My forum has since then grown into a kickass and fairly big webmaster community. Thanks MyBB, for giving me my life back! Smile

Name: Cool_Guy
URL: www.coolestech.com
I looked on the web for different forums, first was IPB, because I used it at another forum, but got sticker shock when I looked at the price. Then, I found PHPBB, but it looked too "basic" for my site. And then I found MyBB, it look profenional, was easy to customize, and is very secure. With 1.2, it even blows away vBulliten. It is just the best software on the web for your forum.
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Name: Jasper
URL: http://ep2.nl
I've tried PHPBB, IPB and SMF, but none had such a powerful templatesystem as MyBB. We've edited and modded the hell out the script, coded our own tags in it, clean url's, BB-code mods, reputationsystem mods and even more and it still loads up fast and it's also still easy on the server resources. MyBB is still in active development, but it's already a pearl of a community system!
Ep2.nl Developers Community running on a modded version of MyBB!
clean URI's, Mass PM, Custom BB, semantic, link to threads, topics, forums, google, wikipedia, flickr, php.net, Thread Templates and more...
Name: sTrEtCh
URL: http://4wapfreaks.com
Comment: I am a first time website builder and for someone with no familiarity with prior programming languages my community forum did not take longer than 15min to install and to setup the forums are very user friendly. I tried phpBB and invision but I tend to uses the myBB forum script as long as I am allowed to use it with out thinking of using another script.
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Name: sTrEtCh
URL: http://pimpgaming.net
Comment: A am fairly good website builder. i have built many. i used to use that gay phpbb forum software, but everything was to hard.

I really like this MyBBoard software, took about 10 minutes to set up, and another 15 minutes to install a few mods. with other forum software, that would take like 12 days.

Name: Jesse Labrocca
URL: http://www.democracyforums.com
Comment: After being disappointed by other forums software for years I decided to try Mybb. Immediately I was taken by it's easy install, quick learning curve, and excellent overall function. Thank you Mybb for creating a top-notch free forum software that rivals even paid ones.
Name: Onay DODANLI
URL: http://www.nokiaturk.com
1st; Really usefull and easy.
2nd; Lots of people spend thier times to develop the system. I believe this very important.... Thanks for everyone who had pains to develop....
URL: http://www.mybbhackers.com/index.php
Comment: there is only one reason why i use MyBB: its forever free.. Smile
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Name: الدعم العربى
URL: www.dd4bb.com
Comment: MyBB, best easyer admin cp (easy to understand and control it) great user interface also a good support for free!!
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