Name: Christopher
URL: http://devtech.org
Well when i found Mybb i did not know if it was what i wanted as i have tried phpbb, smf, vBulletin but they did not work out for me. So i downloaded Mybb when installed it and seem how good it was and all the power it has i was like OMG i found my dream forum software and the best thing was it was not a dream so my dream forum was true, Mybb you have my love and rating of 9/10.
Name: xScopex
URL: http://www.clanfallen.com
Comment: I have used vBulletin before didn't really like it. Then I tried MyBB, I feel in love with it. It is easy to use. Great support. The best I have seen!
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Name: James
URL: http://www.geekblab.com
Comment: I have tried many other software for forums, but nothing compares to MyBB. It truly delivers all that you want. And best of all, it free, no worrying about fees. Again and again, MyBB rises to the top in every scenario.
Name: FirefoxWiz
URL: http://mybbthemes.8ez.com
Comment: MyBB is pretty good for a free forum software. It is quite simple to skin as well. Thanks!

FYI: I'm not a sir, dude, or guy. I am a 'miss'. Rolleyes
URL: http://blog.ntowa.com
Comment: I didn't like SMF, and phpBB required me to add so many MODs for it to work the way I wanted it to. With MyBB, I rarely need MODs, because most thing one would need a MOD for on phpBB come default on MyBB, and it is very easy to use. MyBB has very quickly become my favorite kind of forum.
Name: Xiao
Url: http://www.gfx-depot.com
Comment: After trying various types of forum software, I finally found the RIGHT one.
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Name: DrPoodle
URL: http://www.drpoodle.com
Comment: After ditching phpBB, I found a simple yet extremely powerful alternative: MyBB. With it's plugin and theming system, organising and expanding my community has never been easier!
Name: MrDoom
URL: http://www.tweex.net
Comment: After IPB changed to a non-free solution I went looking for an alternative. It took me a few attempts but eventually I found a solution which was not only a replacement, it was an upgrade! MyBB lets me do everything I need to do and best of all, it's free!
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Name: R. J. Heywood
URL: http://www.kiom.me.uk
Comment: In my experience, MyBB beats any commercially available forum package on the market for user satisfaction.

Its hard to say "Its the bloody best in the world" without sounding like a fanboy Toungue

Incidentally, website to come soon
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Name: Joey Matthews
Comment: Previously I've used phpbb which didn't impress me, so for awhile I used smf until I heard of myBB's efforts at improving their package. I've been using myBB for a couple of weeks now and I am very happy and makes my job easier. Compared to IPB (which I like) I would recommend trying myBB and see how things go.

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