Don't forget this part, people:
Chris Boulton Wrote:At our HotScripts Listing, you can rate MyBB if you haven't already. You can also write reviews. Writing reviews and rating MyBB help us maintain a high position in the Discussion Boards directory on HotScripts and draw more users to MyBB.

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Name: Kyle
URL: www.furyphp.com
Comment: I love you.
Name: Mike
URL: http://audentio.com
Comment: As a major reason for me to get into designing, MyBB has helped me learn so much and has really given me a place on the internet. Truly a service, team, and experience beyond all others.
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Name: Pc Labs
URL: http://pclabs.pc.funpic.de
Comment: The simple way to forum is MyBB, cos' It's faster, better and the best. Smile
Visit My New Forum Http://PcLabs.Pc.FunPic.De (It's English)
Name: DCR
URL: http://aaspforum.com
Comment: MyBB is the greatest Forum Software out there! After trying the most popular ones I chose MyBB because of it's great features, easy installation and the great dedication the staff puts into this wonderful project.
Name: Imad
Comment: A great forum software in need, is MyBB Indeed.
Name: hockeyhero(Ali)
URL: http://kaitoradesigns.co.uk/gamingforumz/index.php
Comment: I lovve MYBB......thank you...Smile
Name: Kikkerking
URL: http://spagtv.com/forum
Comment: After 2 weeks of phpBB, I am now a MyBB user for over 10 months, and I'm still sadisfied, and regulary I discover new options in the Admin CP which simply amazes me. The theme editor has to be my favorite part. With this tool, almost anybody could theme their own forum to their preferences! MyBB will always be my #1 forum software.
Name: Kenny
URL: http://forums.lastmachinma.com/
Comment: Before, I was so excited to have had an operational copy of PhpBB running on Last Machinima. Then I discovered MyBB! It was easily skinnable, modified, and adjusted to my own needs. What I liked most, is that I didn't need to click 10 times to get somewhere! I had struck gold, a great frontend - for my users, and a great backend - for us admins (Which I easily learned to skin, much to my appeal!). MyBB's here to stay!
"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." - Doug Adams
Name: Langy
Url: http://www.googlebig.com/forum
Comment: The best in forum software. I like it.
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