Name: Lachlan
URL: http://www.adminhelpline.com/forum
Comment: What can I say? MyBB is awesome. I used phpBB (2 and 3) and SMF, and finally decided to stay with MyBB. I find it very fast, powerful, and the ease of use is astounding. If you are looking for a forum software that is free, simple yet full of features, easy to install plugins and themes, and a great support community, then MyBB is the answer!
Name: RenegadeFan
URL: http://rctlounge.com/forums
Comment: When vBulletin is too expensive and phpBB is not pretty, the only choice is MyBB. I have been using MyBB for over one year now, and with its attractive front end and its easy-to-use back end, it has not let me down one bit. From the wide range of plugins, to an easy and simple theme creator right within your own forum, MyBB is the only way to go. Some people think everything that is free is horrible, but MyBB should change their minds!
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Name: Ordellani
URL: http://www.ordellani.com/
Comment: MyBB features a clean rich-design and programing interface that makes some of the most difficult tasks a breeze. Security, performance and enhancement are its best features and, you can always rely on MyBB's excellent interface to help make your online community the most comfortable and the most easiest to use. If MyBB did not exist, I'd rather not have a forum.
Name: Tabbie
URL: Http://tabbiestower.freesitespace.net
Comment: Of all the free forum softwares I have tried Mybb was the best. I found it very user-friendly. Thank you MyBB Group for coming up with this.
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Name: lupus6x9
URL: http://board.lupus6x9.co.cc/
Comment: MyBB is the best forum software, period. The new Admin CP beats even the expensive back-end of vBulletin. MyBB is simple to use, but its features are extensive, and its interface is friendly, clean, and professional. Most importantly, MyBB is <em>free</em>, but it's better than any comparison, free or commercial.

I give my personal thanks to the MyBB Group credits. Continue with the great work!

Also, you might want to note that RenegadeFan (http://rctlounge.com/forums) has upgraded to vBulletin, so you might not want to display a link to his forum for the testimonials!
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Name: Kris
URL: http://krismedia.com
Comment: MyBB is the perfect forum software. It combines easy customization, helpful support, powerful and secure code, and user-friendly forums. Oh, and the fact that it's free helps too.
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Name: Matt_
URL: www.learnmybb.com
Comment: If you want free, easy to use, and feature-packed forum software, look no further than MyBB - all you need, and more!!
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Name: darulz98
URL: http://community.mybboard.net/user-15239.html
Comment: MyBB is a professional looking script that is easy on end users, easy to administrate and is backed by a helpful community. Even for someone who knows nothing about PHP or CSS, building themes is is a breeze. I would even go so far as to say it is a blessing from God.
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Name: Shawn Gossman
URL: http://www.adminquest.com/forum/
Comment: When I first started out in the forum business, I used free forum hosting solutions. This was before MyBB's time and I was a pretty horrible educated beginner. As I matured with my forum knowledge and enhanced my skills, I found another popular forum software that required me to add modification myself through editing the code myself. This was not difficult since I was good at code modification but it was very time consuming and time is very important these days. So after searching and searching for a reliable and advanced forum software, I discovered MyBB which changed my entire perspective on running a forum. The features are so easy to use and modernly advanced that its almost impossible to imagine that its free! Thanks for MyBB!

Name: Daniel Lambert
URL: http://www.teenageradvicezone.com
Comment: I believe MyBB is the best free forum software. I have used many other forum software and they were ugly, badly designed, slow and featureless and just wouldn't do.

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