Name: Seabody
URL: none
Comment: I chose MyBB purely out of chance - phpbb wasn't suiting my needs and MyBB seemed that it would. I'm glad I chose it now. Some features seemed daunting at first, like the hooks system, but after reading a bit about it, I can now customize MyBB to do virtually anything with a little research. I'm so happy that I found MyBB, and I agree: Free never tasted so good!
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Name: Graham Allen (MineHax)
URL: Click Here
Testimonial: I love MyBB, I don't think I would be running MineHax today if it weren't for MyBB, Really, Thank you.
Name: Minty Violet
URL: None at the Moment
Comment: After trying many other forum scripts I found MYBB and I love it. I am starting up a resource forum for tech related topics and I cant wait to launch the site
Name : danydoe
URL : Free Hosting
Testimonial : I've been using another forums software and can't agree more that MyBB is the best free and open source forum software. It's easy to be customized, SEO ready, full featured forum. Our Free hosting service now provide it as pre-installed forum script.
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URL: www.tweakbytes.com

Testimonial:- I cannot say MyBB is the best forum software feature wise, but its the best free one. Many paid forum scripts have a lot of options but MyBB a free option gives them a run for their money. It has one of the cleanest CSS and tempelating system found in any free and paid forum script. It his highly modular and with a small bit of effort it will do what you want. This what sets MyBB apart and this is why I use it. Kudos to the team. Hope 1.8 comes soon. The only criticism why Prototype.
Name: linkz
URL: Hidden
Testimonial: I'd never set up a forum without MyBB again. All the HTML and CSS experience I currently have (which is pretty good), I learned with MyBB. MyBB is the best software for beginners in every way.
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Name: Unknown
URL: Unknown
Comment: If not MyBB, then what else?
Comment 2: If you look closely, most of the famous forums run the MyBB community system. Why? Because of the ease of use, efficiency, work space and the design over-all.
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