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Well, I'm all for styling posts, and this Jump Code can be used alongside the CSS code to create things like this in posts:

http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=188006 (Just look at the quick jump box)

So, here's how you make the links jump like that.

We'll be creating two MyCodes, so one after the other.

Start a new code,

Put this in regular expression:


And this in Replacement:

<a href="#$1">$2</a>

There's our first code. Now for our second.

Put this in regular expression:


And put this in Replacement:

<a name="$1">$2</a>

Now, in your post, you can use them like this:

[a-id=Jump]Click this to jump.[/a-id]

[a-name=Jump]This is where you end up.[/a-name]

Hope some of you guys liked this. Wink
Heh, interesting. Nice job.
Doesn't work when you have more than one of the same ID, so any troll could easily break this without anybody noticing.
Lmao, it's funny how you guys always point out the negatives. Maybe I shouldn't even post MyCodes anymore?

(But thanks for the positive feedback faviouz)
I point out the bugs as a courtesy, I couldn't care one way or another if you post mycodes.

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