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Smoother Images
(08-26-2009, 06:28 AM)T0m Wrote: Just a simple question, please don't be mad...

Since you knew in 1.2 that alot of themes were going to break, why not just add that then? (for 1.4?) Did it not come up yet, or you just didn't want to break everysingle one?

Sorry if this angers you.
IE6 does not support PNG properly.
Oh it was solely because Ie6? Wow alot of accommodation for that :/
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Hi Tom,
I agreed with you tom. you are asking the perfect query to all of them. It is very difficult to add the smoother image in a quicker manner.
Just make it .PNG, any browser that doesn't support .PNG is outdated and crap, MyBB should not worry about crappy IE6 if they are on IE8 and currently developing IE9.

Fun Fact: Microsoft stated a view years ago that IE6 would be the final release until 2014 but they changed that idea after Firefox became popular and created crappy IE7 which is just a IE6 with some Firefox added features Wink.

We should all pray for Firefox, if Firefox wans't here we would all been using IE6 right now!
Actually when 1.4 was released there was only IE7. Making IE6 only one version old and still one of the most popular browsers.
True but we are in 1.4.8 now Wink.
True, but anything after the 1.4 is a minor update(bug and security fixes). Don't try to act all smart Toungue.

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