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MyBB Advanced Portal V7a
How do you do that but?
just open the plugin file which in inc/plugins with a text editor (sugg: notepad++). and u will see compability line change '14*' to '16*'
@ dared - I do think that the .css files and colour changer though neat is not really needed - I spent a fair bit of time removing all that so that I could have my portal page styled the same as the rest of the board. I am also lost as to what exactly the framework box is for.

Its a neat plugin, and though I did manage to get proportal running on 1.6 I am not really a fan - its too restrictive really - more useful for noobs who cant do the HTML themselves (just my opinion).

What kind of improvements enhancements do you think would be popular for 1.6?
Random Fish and Sims Maniac
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Interesting. Smile
ahh thanks for the reply i got it working for 1.6....very good for noobs like me ...i have a few questions but..

my portal is here

but the calendar does not work, is there a way i can edit that or replace it with something else?

also i noticed theres a block on the lefthand side called 'framework' what does this do excatly? i tried putting a html code in but it doesnt work

the same with 'alexa' and 'toplist' is there a way to edit the name of these box's?

thanks for the replies, i understand this mod is dead but maybe someone could point out where to edit to correct a few things, thanksSmile
The titles are in the portal template as far as I can remember - open up Portal template in your templates list and look for Alexa and Toplist, change the names in there.
Random Fish and Sims Maniac
Help MyBBSupport help you - remember to mark your threads as solved

Thankyou for this information, can i remove the calendar part through the portal template aswell?

thanks again, if anyone knows some working html calendars i could use to replace the broken one that would be great! revive the dead mod! great portal

also on my portal page there was a 'framework' box with just a blank white box in it, i have renamed this box to 'type something here'

my question is can i remove that framework block( just the plain white box) and add something else? i could not find in the portal templates where to remove it cheers
Hi everyone,
I'm back on the project and workin on v8 so what do you need on v8?
Currently I'm gonna add
*Support for mybb's calendar.
*Dynamic news section with ajax. (not added to the demo yet.)

Also i ll drop some features as
*image gallery (maybe i ll add support for mybb's gallery plugin in future) etc.
*rounded corners
*replies collunm from latest posts.

live demo:
i dont use image resizer currently so it ll be ok when i install it to my board.
wow, this looks awesome! I would be using it for a clan site... so anything that would help manage a clan would be cool. I am using the one in the dev section that has roster, news etc and maybe it could be integrated. I know it is a lot to ask for.
It's telling me that this is incompatible with 1.6

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