My first plugin - TagCLoud
Are you sure that this is labroca's plugin (plugin has got and author called lex - where can i find him?)
If it's 1.4 it IS Labrocca's
I downloaded this

I don't know turkish but there is written
(TagCloud 1.2 eklentisini aktif ettikten sonra)
Ok well firstly that is the plugin you modified is for 1.2 and will not work on any of the current 1.4 series versions. 1.2 is no longer supported so your plugin won't be much use to anyone anymore, did you test it in 1.4?

Secondly the 1.2 version is by Lex but I am pretty sure it still distributed under the mybbcentral licence. I looked around that mybbturkiye site and it appears that they have stolen quite a few mybbcentral plugins.

Here is an English translation of the tagcloud 1.4 page on there
Hi, it is lex plugin, i ask lex for his permissions and he answered :
I don't support the Turkish version; the one who has modified it has permission to share ... so he also needs to support it.
My version is available at
So I want to thread where I downloaded plugin ( ) they (authors) told me to contact Lex, what should I do ?
Can I publish my plugin becuse it is 'nobodys' ?
All of Lex's plugins are exclusive at Mybb Central. No one is allowed to distribute them. Lex has confirmed this many times.
Lex told me that it is not his plugin, i do not know what to do :<
Well the version you modified is for MyBB version 1.2 which is not supported and few people are still using it so it is pretty much useless to most people.

The MyBB 1.4 version of your plugin was made by labrocca and so you can definatley not modify and distribute that. I would say it is by and large a no because seems to have stolen many of their plugins from and so I wouldn't trust anything they say. It is better not to then have your host shut down your website.... Wink
This appears to be the profile of the admin of that turkish website: is for sale - check this thread for more information.
OK I get it, thans

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