MyBB forum alliance purposal
Hm, nice idea, but what are quality posts? If a admin/mod of an other forum post: "I just want to congratulate you with your awesome look forum!" I think this is also not a quality post.
I see, most of the admins will post in Offtopic or something like this on the other boards. But Offtopic will not help to grow! Offtopic is nice, but it should less than 5-10% of posts in a board.

A quality post is a post that fits to the topic of the board. I think this can not be done with such an 'alliance'.

... or can someone post somethink about pharmacy/health sciences/chemical sciences in my board? (regardless of whether it's a german board - imagine it would be an english speaking board and then answer the question)
Yea I get your point but come one you exchange posts with some you like and trust.
Um hi.

You have a good idea there, me and infranight started this thing called Initiation, witch is a thing where you go to the place and request your site to be posted on. Only requirements is just be apart of DA and post sometimes.
Cool I will try it out Smile

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