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vB style skin request
not really, because someone else made one that is available if you would just search around
protocole Wrote:i work on a new for mybb version 1

this them for me is very vital.
please send me this vb style.
tank you!
The guy who created this theme, protocole, had already decided NOT to distribute this style anymore due to some immature reasons. So, if u want 1 vb theme, either wait or design your own.
Check this

lapsetur Wrote:Check this
tank you!
but i need to this them.
please if evry one have this theme, send for me !
what do you mean why??

That thread explains how to make your theme looks like Vb.
He wants the whole theme, anyway, the 'vb-menu' that Masscare had was only for the index, but for protocole's skin, it also have a 'drop down' javascript for the username that that looks exteremly like vb.

But anyway, for amnhak, as I said protocole NEVER released this skin before, no one have it, even if they have, I believe protocole told them not to give it out.

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