Top 10 mybb coders
the lack of being able to delete files along with pages is what made me not use it, if that had been implemented I would've used it no problem.
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Sorry a few names I have forgotten:

Revised List;

1. Ryan Gordon
2. DenisTT
3. Zaheer1988
4. Yumi AKA Zinga Burga
5. Nickman
6. Crackter AKA Martin
7. Asad Niazi
8. Alexandru21
9. Samethead
10. Samuel
Ill gave my top 5

1. Zinga Burga
2. Lex
3. Nickman
4. P Nervo (love plaza turbo)
5. Labrocca
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I am not the offical MyPlaza coder, ZiNgA BuRgA/Yumi is. I only updated it to work properly with MyBB 1.4.x and made some modules it. Most of the credits should go for him not to me Wink is for sale - check this thread for more information.
1. Yumi
2. Labrocca
3. Lex
4. Nickman
5. Alexandru21

These guys are just WICKED SICK!
(devs not included in the list Toungue)
1-10. DougSD

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(2009-08-30, 02:23 PM)DougSD Wrote: 1-10. DougSD


Umm no.
I see no point in voting for anybody... MyBB is a great software and the devs do a good job as many plugin creators here aswell.
There are some who are skilled and some who aren't (yet), there are some who made lots of plugins and others only a few (frostschutz SEO plugin is kick-lime but he's not included here - why?).

I'd really want to know what the judgement should be based on - ammount of releases? Coding style? Security? Support?

We can vote our favourite plugins and then name the creators but that'd be nonsense since every forum differs and every forum has other plugin needs (See FullMetalBabe as an example, she needed a recipe plugin and would probably vote it for #1 but such a plugin would be 100% pointless for Consoleworld or some other gaming site).
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I totally agree with Lennart Toungue is for sale - check this thread for more information.
I also agree with Lennart. owner/administrator
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