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[UPDATED][SEO] Simple TagCloud Plugin for myBB v 0.9a - Tag Cloud (beta)

This plugin is not supported anymore I strongly don't recommend downloading it.

Quote:This is no longer simple plugin but I do not want to change name - version 0.9a is stil beta - many things were changed. Any bug should be reported!!
Sorry for my english Toungue

If you have v0.8 do backup!

Info, Advantages and Disadvantages of my plugin:

- Helps you having better position in google (my forum had 30%-50% more uniq visits per day)
- Shows tags on index, forumdisplay and thread page
- W3c valid
- It has got own tag-sitemap (Default link to sitemap: )
- Supports Google SEO
- Works on every browster
- Uses: PHP, JS, AJAX
- Makes tags from thread name and SearchLogs (function added in v 0.8)
- Plugin automatically adds tags to all threads (via one click)
- Size of tag depends on tag frequency
- It is only half of things - try it Smile

- It requires rewrites (f.e. in htaccess)

Quote:Plugin is half optymalised but it should be HUGE difference (Still working on searching optimization)

Thanks to ChineseBB, laie_techie, dared, technoman, netjockey, ozanakkaya for support and sugestions Smile

Updating plugin:
(It doesn't have to wrok in v 0.9 Dodgy)
Uninstall your plugin (old version) -> copy new version to your ftp -> install new version
- You don't want to loose old tags: Click me!
- Problems? - Click me
(Lang file (stcp.lang.php) is in other folder [old is in languages/english/admin, new in languages/english], so delete old lang file and send new)
If .htaccess file already exist copy code from tagcloud's htaccess and paste it into .htaccess file which already existed.

Activate plugin, configure it, then add tags to all thread and make tags from searchlogs.
Add Tags to all threads - adds tags to all threads
Make tags from searchlogs - Gets your forum searchlogs and makes tags from it - ITS BETA, EVERY ISSUE SHOULD BE POSTED IN THIS THREAD - I suggest you to click it every week.
Delete Searchlogs tags - cleans your searchlogs-tags

(To activate searchlog function you have to click 'Make tags from searchlogs')

Updates -


Contact me on my forum CS Servers - nick: Kupo

Plugin is always free you mustn't sell or modificate it without my approval, do not remove or edit footer (with link).
(Any intents of gaining income or modifications will be held as breaking licence).
It's especially important for me to do not modificate my link (this 'rotated' links) in footer.

Some ideas from SMF tagcloud

Sorry 4 English

Attached Files
.zip   Simple TagCloud Plugin v 0.9 (Polski - Polish) - only lang (Size: 3.64 KB / Downloads: 798)
.zip   Simple TagCloud Plugin v 0.9a(English).zip (Size: 20.74 KB / Downloads: 2,249)
nice work Smile is this like in wordpress where we add tags to each new post wen we create them and it shows up ... or will it generate automatically ????
[Image: studentsfoxcom-AllForums.3.gif]

It works on my forum Smile
You can try it on my demo forum, it is more like in vB. When you add thread-subject the tags will generate in tag field (AJAX) so you can change it (It is hard to say, better try it Toungue ). Showing tags is very similar to Wordpress (there is some my accent), I'm not good in SEO and google stuff but I tried to make it SEO-frendly.

(Sorry for messy and unoptymalized code)
Congratz for the first plugin, Hope we hear some more soon from you.

Best Regards
a small bug found ....
while creating a new thread if i click the tag box without entering anything in the thread title box ... it's showing the whole plugin code in the tags box....
[Image: studentsfoxcom-AllForums.3.gif]

I would be pleased if you tell me what's wrong with plugin, it will help me a lot ! Smile

Sorry for my english, I don't feel confortable using it
hmmm while creating a new thread try clicking the tagi box without entring anythin in the thread tile box .... jus click n c...
[Image: studentsfoxcom-AllForums.3.gif]

OK, sec
Update will be in couple of minutes.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
tags are made automatically?

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