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[UPDATED][SEO] Simple TagCloud Plugin for myBB v 0.9a - Tag Cloud (beta)
hello is this pluggin compatible with mybb 1.6 ?
Hey I am having a problem getting this plugin to work with the cure theme.

My Site - Support For My Themes
If you would like a Custom MyBB Theme PM me Smile.
some of my forum index page making the error
MyBB SQL Error
MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1104 - The SELECT would examine more than MAX_JOIN_SIZE rows; check your WHERE and use SET SQL_BIG_SELECTS=1 or SET SQL_MAX_JOIN_SIZE=# if the SELECT is okay
SELECT `mybb_threads`.tag , `mybb_threads`.fid , `mybb_stcp`.tag_name , `mybb_stcp`.tag_amount FROM `mybb_stcp` LEFT JOIN mybb_threads ON `mybb_threads`.tag LIKE CONCAT('%',',',`mybb_stcp`.tag_name,'%') AND `mybb_threads`.fid != '' WHERE `mybb_threads`.fid = 35 ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 15;

so i changed Tags on forum settings is zero , now the problem solved , but no tags in forum index page,'

tell me how i resolve this issue and why this error come ?
I've made for you a german translation for 0.9a beta.
Here it is. It's with the plugin. The translation is in inc/languages/deutsch_du and deutsch_sie.
PS: Sorry four mi bat englischBig Grin

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.zip   Simple TagCloud Plugin v 0.9 (English+Deutsch).zip (Size: 31.7 KB / Downloads: 207)
Is this a resource-intensive heavy plugin?
(2010-08-17, 12:07 AM)jmeeter Wrote: Is this a resource-intensive heavy plugin?
Yes, it is.

Is the tagcloud plugin compatible with MyBB 1.6?
I have a community called Mount Olympus where you may discuss history and greek mythology.
Hi guys, I'm not sure if plugin is working with 1.6 - I'm making new portal and it takes loads of time I'm looking for 'graphic' support, when I deal with my problems I will publish next verison of my plugin.
If someone wants to help me with the plugin PM me I'll modificate licnese.
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(2010-08-25, 06:01 PM)Watt Wrote: I'm making new portal and it takes loads of time
Portal is for MyBB or not?

Nope, portal is being written from 0.

I'm really sorry for no-updating plugin. "Building" portal will take max. 2 months, I hope it will go faster (2-3 weeks). Can somebody make list of things what should be included. I know that I have to make "real" cache (I prefer mysql cache if you dno't mind).
Can somebody remind me about this plugin @PM - my forum (user: Kupo).

Thanks and sorry again
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