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[Release 1.4.x] My Two Columned Announcement Box 1.0


Name: My Two Columns Announcement Box
Author: ghazal
Description: A two columned announcement with extreme configuration facility.
Version: 1.0
Compatibility: 1.4.x
Files To Upload: One
Files To Edits: None
Author is Responsible For Any Damage: NO
Author Provide Support For This Product: YES
License: Inside the License Folder
Copyrighted: All codes within the product is strongly copyrighted.

    <--- ACP Group
    <--- ACP Settings
    <--- Announcement Box

// DEMO :
Available at my forum, please see this in action in header of every page.

//---------- <--- Heart


I can be reached at with username ghazal

I guess that's it... Enjoy
Thank You
#2 => almost the same with my ideas Big Grin
(2009-09-04, 10:06 AM)Joey_Pham423 Wrote: => almost the same with my ideas Big Grin

Please see the demo running on my forum. There you can identify the difference between the two Toungue
thats y i said almost the same Big Grin
(2009-09-04, 10:17 AM)Joey_Pham423 Wrote: thats y i said almost the same Big Grin

Almost ?? Really Undecided
yeah, i were had the same idea, then decided to decorate it, so it can look better ^^

But anyway, you did a greate job, I like all of your plugins Smile
Thanks for the feedback Joey

I thinks that this plugin is far more better then any other Announcement plugins present around there. Because, Look its DEMO, you can notice the scrolling amount and delay, also look at the diference in the scrolling of two boxes. One more feature will be added in later versions in which you decide to add TITLES of those boxes. For example Box 1 "Forum's Announcement" and Box 2 "Important..!" Smile
yeah, that will be cool Big Grin
I prefer to do these with CSS like I did on, maybe that's just me.
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Can you still feel the butterflies?

Free never tasted like pudding.
(2009-09-06, 10:03 AM)MattRogowski Wrote: I prefer to do these with CSS like I did on, maybe that's just me.

You can do this in a variety of ways, BUT Look its description: It has extensive settings covering all the necessaties including background color, border color, scrolling amount and delay of two boxes separately, stop or move the scrolling, HTML enabled etc. etc. Cool

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