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[For 1.8] AutoMedia 4.1.1
Name: AutoMedia
Author: doylecc
Version: 4.1.1
MyBB Version: 1.8.*

-AutoMedia Plugin automatically embeds videos, audio, photos, previews etc. from different sites in posts. The plugin recognizes the posted URL and shows the videos/audios. You don't need to insert any MyCode.

  • Embeds automatically videos, audio, photos, previews etc. from different sites in posts.
  • The plugin recognizes the posted URL and shows the videos/audios. You don't need to insert any MyCode.
  • Use of (supports over 400 providers) or
  • Can be enabled/disabled in ACP
  • Can be disabled for guests only
  • Can be disabled for certain usergroups
  • Can be enabled for certain forums only
  • Embedding be disabled by using MyCode tags [amoff]URL[/amoff]
  • Embedding be disabled for signatures (default)
  • Embedding can be disabled in quotes (new)
  • Codebuttons for MyCode can be displayed in editor below textbox.
  • Every user can enable/disable embedding in User CP
  • Embeds videos and music from dozens of different sites
  • Documentation available from plugin overview in ACP

  1. Upload the plugin to your forum root (ensuring the folder structure is followed).
    (For additional languages you have to upload the language files too.)
  2. Go to your "AdminCP Configuration - Plugins" and click "Install & Activate" behind "AutoMedia". After activation you'll find a new settinggroup "AutoMedia Global"; in"ACP - Configuration - Settings".
    Here you can generally enable/disable embedding without losing your settings.
    You can also disable embedding only for guests or for other usergroup(s) as well.
    Embedding can be enabled for certain forums only here too.
    Embedding of adult videos can be enabled (disabled by default)
    Permissions for adult videos can be set by usergroups and forums
    Embedding can be disabled in signatures (default)
    Max. width and height of embedded files or service can be activated
    Codebuttons can be enabled/disabled for MyCode
    Embedding can be disabled in quotes
    Embedding can be enabled for atachments
    Embedding can be disabled for local links
    In "ACP - Tools & Maintenance" a new menu item "AutoMedia" is added, where you can view and manage the installed modules for all supportes sites and file types.
    You can enable/disable embedding for every single mediasite and file type. (all are enabled by default)
  3. The plugin adds in User CP a new menu item "AutoMedia." In "AutoMedia" you'll find a switch. Every user can set whether he wants embedding enabled or disabled. If he disable it he will only see the links in posts instead the embedded videos/audios.
  4. All done.

  • PHP >= 5.3

Update from versions 4.* to 4.1.1:
  1.  Upload the complete content of the Upload folder into your forum home directory and overwrite the existing files.
  2. In ACP -> Configuration -> Plugins deactivate AutoMedia and activate it again.
  3. In ACP -> Templates & Style -> Templates -> run Find Updated Templates. If there are any automedia templates listed, revert them (and possibly reinsert your own code.)
  4. In ACP -> Templates & Style -> Themes -> *your theme* check if automedia.css is up to date (you can compare it with the css in inc/plugins/automedia/automedia_install.php)
  5. Refresh your browser cache if the updated stylesheet isn't loaded yet
  6. All done

Update from all older versions:

  1. Deinstall the old AutoMedia plugin
  2. Upload the plugin to your forum root (ensuring the folder structure is followed) and overwrite the existing plugin files. For additional languages you have to upload new language files too.
  3. see "Install" beginning with #2.
  4. All done

What's new in version 4?

  1. For AutoMedia 4 an almost complete rewrite of the plugin was necessary to avoid the sometimes significant load of the server, which occurred with version 3. *.
  2. Embera and jQuery.Oembed libraries removed
  3. API for paid service removed
  4. Flash audio player removed
  5. service added
  6. Setting addded for: enable/disable embedding of local links
  7. Module management in ACP removed. Reason: see next
  8. Complete embedding function switched from PHP to client-side JavaScript
  9. Several templates removed
  10. Several templates modified
  11. Stylesheet updated
  12. Table "automedia" removed from database
  13. Language files updated
  14. Please note: If you're using your own custom embed module, it will stop working with AutoMedia 4!

For more information view the Readme.txt file or the documentation.

GPL v3

wow... Great start... Smile

Keep it up, hopes to see some more soon. Smile
Wow X2 !!

So this plugin basically replaces the other plugins with BBcodes like "Myyoutube".

Installed and not bugs so far.

Great job!
Turkish Plugins

.zip   Otomatik Medya Plugin Türkçe +35 (Size: 8.39 KB / Downloads: 651)
Turkish By bomfile

Great plugin, thanks alot.

Had to disable 'MyYoutube' plugin as this covers more.
Thank you. Shy

The next version will also have another installation function so the users won't lose their settings from the User CP in the future plugin updates.
HEY Thanks!!

and the best of all .. is FREE..

Good Work bro Wink
mery thanks... good work!
Great plugin, I think this one video plugin I'll actually use as it seems to actually be user friendly Toungue.
Well done. Thanks.

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