Discuss: MyBB 1.01 - Security Update Released
Thank you for update
Thanks. Updated Smile

Thanks, updated my board to 1.01 successfully Smile
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TalGarty Wrote:חח תודה Big Grin סוף סוף מערכת בעברית Toungue

חח תודה Big Grin סוף סוף מערכת בעברית Toungue = Yay thanks Big Grin, Finally an hebrew system Toungue

Wow, guys, it's not that we don't understand orange, we neither can't read it *brrr* I love foreign languages Wink


Ps: Thanks for the update, I already patched my Forum too.
Tmhai, I don't think all bugs in the fixed forum are also fixed in this release. I think a couple of them might have been fixed, but this is mainly a security release. We have already started work on the next version, so if we would have to release a patch that fixes all bugs, we would have to fork the new functionality (which is absolutely not ready for a release) out, which is quite hard. We're well on the way for the next release already though Wink
Peter Akkies
Updated succesfully!

Peter, do you have a 'guess' when we might see a new release? I cant wait =D
Sorry for the double post, but "Version Check" in the admin cp really needs to be updated now. Users who are running 1.00 need to know that there is a security update. 1.01 need to know that they have the latest version, not a old PR2 update Wink
are you talking about this info? "MyBB 1.00 PR 2 Security Update!

The rest works fine on my board, it tels me, that I have 1.01 Smile

Updated mine without a problem!

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Yes FraGe

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