Not Solved Anyway to clear the cache?
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Is it possible to clear the one of the caches from the cache manager? I have installed the RSS2Post mod, and since I've gotten it working now, I want to delete all the errors so I'm not confused in the future should something not work correctly.

Can this be done? How would I do it? Does it have to be done via PhpMyAdmin?
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You can physically delete it from the mybb_datacache folder but I'd recommend backing up that table before you delete anything in case it has any unexpected effects, I don't know what deleting it would do, but it can physically be done.

First though, try rebuilding it in the ACP - this might clear out the errors.
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Sad I deleted the cache folder of my current them! I think this folder is related to another theme. What will happen? How can I restore them back?! What is their role? my forum is still works fine without any distortion in its look.
I've deleted this folder:
/cache/themes/theme16 an theme 16 was my current theme.

Update 2: FIXED:

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