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indiePaper | Premium Themes
Nice website combus Smile
If you find any problems in the theme demo plugin, just contact me
(09-18-2009, 08:13 AM)TimB. Wrote: wow! Looks brilliant, one of the best themes I have seen definitely, I love the Jquery.

Two bits of feedback though, IMO you should make links underline on rollover just out of convention and I think you should remove the border around the breadcrumb, I feel it attracts to much attention to it.

Thanks Smile I think I'll reduce the contrast of the border, I just think it looks nice in some sort of container. About the underline rollovers, I don't know if they will fit, but I do agree that links need more focus when hovered.

@PN: thanks Smile I'll try the new version in a moment
Unable to register?
(09-18-2009, 11:14 PM)Hero Wrote: Unable to register?

Oh sorry, I was messing with my JS again and some stuff got bad so... it should work now.
Still unable...blank registration agreement, unable to submit, no forms to fill out. Toungue
I just realized it Toungue, but now it's all fixed... it was hidding everything for some sort of reason o.O
I have registered on your forum under the name 'MelvinL' please check your PM inbox, Toungue
Introduction price on ALL official themes! Only $1.99/each theme, this weekend only!

@Hero: Ok Smile
Awesome! Combus, I'm glad you've made a site to put all of your amazing themes for MyBB Big Grin Good luck!
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Im sure going to freaking buy em.. woot woot

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