[Tutorial] Making the 'Rules' page to show with rules.
Oh I see what youre saying. Sorry, you didnt say that you could add sections to the Help Documents in your other post.
I never really looked at the help documents because I just thought they were to help members and guests get around the forum and such. So thats why I was making this tutorial instead.
Well glad you understand now. As you can see from my example it's easy to do. Now the Help Documents may not solve all custom page problem but it does help a tremendous amount. The help docs should be used a lot more imho. They are a good system.
its really very nice and informative topic. i like this very much thanks for sharing this with us.
I've been looking for a way to post a Thread that stays at the top of each 'Forum' for specific Forum Rules, Announcements etc, i've found hacks for 'stickies' but i'm sure there is a way to o this, i just haven't found after the few weeks of re-launching my board from phpbb to mybb, can someone point to a Plugin or a way to do thhis natually (they have to stay above all other threads in a forum though, so members can read specific forum rules which are different for most forums, and abnnouncements in the forums).... appreciate the help, i've found nothing, with plenty of googling and searching this board Sad ....) i stumbled on this from Google!

thanks, pls PM me?

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