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I'm currently evaluating different forum packages. Does MyBB have the ability, either core or through a mod, to auto lock a thread based on the time span from the last post?

For example, if a thread has been inactive for 2 weeks the thread is automatically locked.
It isn't in core and I don't think there's currently a plugin for it either.
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Files: 2 ( ./inc/plugins/autolock.php | ./inc/tasks/autolock.php )
=> Upload like its stored in the .zip file ! And Install / Activate the plugin.
Settings: 3 ( AutoLock Threads Settings )
  • status
  • forums ( fids ) [seperated by comma] ( leave blank for all )
  • period (default 14days)

A Daily Task ( can be changed [ TaskManager ] ) is ran to check for threads with a lastpost date smaller than time_now - period in all forumsections or specified by you. If the lastpost date is smaller the thread will be locked (closed).

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Thank you very much, LeX-. This a very useful and a very good plugin. Thank you very much.
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Man I can't believe nobody had did this. Great job LeX, thank you so much.
Thank you LeX, awesome!
I think KuJoe did this.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
thanks amazing.. Smile
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(2009-09-28, 07:38 PM)Mark.M Wrote: I think KuJoe did this.
I second that.
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