[Request] Allow users to view a forum when they reach a certain posting threshold
Hi, I'm not sure if there's already something like this around, if there is, please link me Smile.

I'm after a little mod that only allows users to view certain forums when they reach a certain posting threshold, i.e. after 5 posts user is able to view forum x, which users with < 5 posts are unable to view.

At current, when users have made a certain number of posts their user title changes. Would it be possible to implement what I want into this?

If this is at all possible I'd really appreciate it, if it's not - don't worry about it Wink.

Thanks guys,
I'm not sure you can do this (as do not use MyBB at the moment), but I think this could be done like this (if MyBB can do this):

Create a "Group" with certain permissions
Create another "Group" with higher permissions, and a required post count to obtain that "group" title

Require the second "group" title to view the forum. Whatever MyBB calls "Ranks" would be what you change. I know you can do this in Invision Power Board, so I'm sure you can do it here.
At the moment there is no sort of "promotions" system by which a user is promoted based on their post count or anything else - the only thing we have is user titles which are based on posts.

An interesting feature would be a "promotions" system that can be set so that members of certain groups get promoted to new groups based on post count, registration date, reputation or several other factors.

If you guys like this idea, we can try and include it in the next release.

Thanks Big Grin

If there's enough demand for it, and you're able to include it, it would be a great feature! Cool
That would be a great idea, I was going to ask about this Smile

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