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Pokemon Forum Launched a Few Days Ago
Layout? Sure, I'll wait. And for the site to improve, it needs volunteers. Volunteers willing to add-on to the story with things like story filler chapters and expansions to existing ones. How would I get people's attention?
yes actually ur site needs a real custom theme! that will make it better and more attractive

After a while, I finally realized why no one registered - it's because of MySQL errors keeping them from doing so! I used phpMyAdmin to import the databases, and for some reason, that corrupted them! From now on, I'm going to manually backup the databases... every night at 9:00 or so. That will make sure it doesn't get corrupted. I will never use MySQL GUIs again! There's no telling what might happen with the database!Sad

Oh, and for the theme... you'll have to e-mail it to me, or register on my forums and post it there as an attachment. The server is connected via a router and that server is DMZed so the outside world can access it, and only the computers connected to that router via LAN have FTP access.Rolleyes

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