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RCTgo -
See this thread:

RCTgo is a slowly growing RollerCoaster Tycoon (3) fansite and community. We have some downloads, Soaked and Wild info, and latest news about the RollerCoaster Tycoon series, and of course, we have our forums, proudly powered by MyBB Big Grin Be sure to check out the website here!

Our forums can be found at
Please tell us what you think of the skin, organization, and layout - we'd love to hear what you think!

Latest News: RCTgo 2.0 is HERE! A brand new design and layout, as well as tons more content, and a completely new download center powered by PHP and MySQL!

More News: We now have a .net domain name! You can now access RCTgo at!

- Belloman - MyBB lead designer & team member since 2006
wow...thats a nice skin...
[Image: logo27yf.gif]
he's a natural
Thanks, I've gradually improved it over the past 3 months.

lol Tikitiki... Big Grin That is the first of... lets see... 7 or 8 skins that I've made for MyBB... 3 of those have been for other RCT3 fansites using MyBB Smile - MyBB lead designer & team member since 2006
I really like that skin. It fits the game.
Is the skin only for private use??

Nice one...
Yep, it shall only be used at the RCTgo Forums Smile Just like the 3 other skins I've created for other RCT3 fansites (2 of which are for the same site...) - MyBB lead designer & team member since 2006

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