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Because of an old an never ending problem with my forum I need hardly a Scheduled Tasks for recount and rebuild.
The problems based why I need this recount and rebuild task is that when post are deleted they only are visual deleted the counts are still there.
This gives lots of problems with visiting post from last posts, next page posts etc.
I regulary post about this but nobody will or can help.
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Made this a few months ago;
Upload recount.php into ./inc/tasks/ and add a new task in your Task Manager.

> Recount User Posts
> Recount Thread Counters
> Recount Forum Counters 
> Recount Statistics

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Lex! What's up bud.

Nice file post too.
Thanks a lot, I hope that this works.
I allready post about this for 2 years.
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Thank you very much, LeX-. This is a very useful plugin.
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Sorry it did not work.

What I did.
1. upload the file to ./inc/tasks/
2. add a new task
3. choose the recount.php as task
4. by minutes I choose 29,59 (twice a hour)

And this gives no results.
In the task log is also no logfile.
So I run Run This Task Now and also no results (and logfile).
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Once its ran; the task is locked for 15min;
Did you see this message when pressing the 'run task now'-image ?
"The selected task has been run successfully"

+ Did you enable logging when creating your task ?

Enable logging YES
Task Enabled YES

Time: Minutes 29,59
Time: Hours *
Time: Days of Month *

Quote:Did you see this message when pressing the 'run task now'-image ?
"The selected task has been run successfully"
Yes I get that message but there was nu results also not in the log file.

For the last 3 hours there was no recounts task.

When it works correctly the 32 post as showed in the attachment must be gone.
Maybe it do not work because mybb has some updates between the day that you made it and the last update.
But I hope you can help me with letting it works.

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10 USD (paypal)for the person who can repair this task so it works for me.
The task runs but nothing happens.
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Try changing the persmissions for the PHP file to make it executable by PHP (755 or 775 should work).
I just updated the PHP file to reflect the current recount_rebuild tool and tested it on my test forum and it runs without any errors.

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