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Blazing Computer
The number one computer help forum! Please register today, and leave feedback below!

The logo needs work. The way it just "ends" doesn't look right.

Other than that, pretty nice Smile
I was actually making a new banner. Anyways check out the new banner now!
Why is it the number one computer help forum?

You have this showing...

Quote:Mac OS'
Discussion about Mac will be posted here.

Then this...

Quote:Other OS'
Discussion about Other Operating systems such as Mac and Linux should be posted here.

Something doesn't look right.

Also here....

All help articles will be posted here. Make sure you come here before posting!!!

Just read the above a few times....It doesn't read quite right at all, does it, or is it just me?

Then here....

Quote:Off-Topic Discussion
Discussion about anything should be posted here.

Shouldn't that say "Discuss anything non computer related here." Or something similar to that?
You can't really call it #1 when you have like 15 threads.
Thank you for your help Wink

And yeah we should all achknowledge the motto as sarcasm.

board statistics Wrote:Our members have made a total of 114 posts in 32 threads.

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