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[Release] MyCode Manager
Plugin: MyCode Manager
Version: 1.0
Compatability: 1.4*
Price: FREE
Description: Helps Managing MyCodes better by giving list and options to order, delete, enable them at one go.


[Image: 23184-1255243694-preview1.png]

Please give suggestions / criticisms to enhance my MyBB skills to much greater level Smile
Any feedback?

I am still learning so feedback from you all will be very helpful for my next plugins..
Is it a completely different page or does it overwrite the old one?
[Image: logo.png]
Just so others are aware. Mybb already has these options for mycode in admincp. This plugin is simply an easier method to view and change these options.

Good job on release.
@Pirata, It simply overrides the existing one but in little better way.

@labrocca, Yes, this does not add any new functionality but simply better way of managing MyCodes.

My another plugin is still under approval process. Hope that also comes to be good.
Very nice for you first one. I hope its one of many.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.

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