change the group color

I will tell again what i want

1. One User Registered in Forum -- > By Deafualt it'z color is White (Set by me)
2. When User Complete 300 Thread's in Forum --- > It Color Automatically Change to Blue

Like this

[Image: 15zl1dl.jpg]

How to do that ?
That's the username; not the usertitle.
Then you can use the way xcx suggested.
I hv done the same thing as xcx suggested like in this image

[Image: 2s6mt7r.jpg]

I want to promote User BAsed on His / Her Post like when he made 100 posts it will become active member automatically

But after saving this setting when i check on my statistic It Don't show anything ?
You want it like this?
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
and i need for this, i make the same as CatchItBaby but nothing changes,

Mark.M i need it, but how ??

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