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[Release] News Ticker
Plugin: News Ticker
Version: 1.0
Compatability: 1.4*
Price: FREE
Description: Displays a News Ticker on top of page from specified forum.


[Image: 23184-1256149786-preview1.png]

[Image: 23184-1256149802-preview2.png]

[Image: 23184-1256149812-preview3.png]

Suggestions for better plugins are most welcome Smile
Nice plugin but there are already some that do this, good work anyway Smile
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marquee type newsbar?
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(2009-10-23, 03:23 AM)AndrewPH Wrote: marquee type newsbar?

yes, it picks latest modified threads from specified forum(s) and shows them as marquee newsbar.
Can you make this in Ajax.
marquee is so bad.
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why do you think marquee is bad?
this plugin is meant for showing tickers of latest announcements.
ajax ticker like that one for php-fusion Smile marquee is not a valid xhtml..
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Is it possible that in the front of the tittle the date from adding the post will be showed. And that every news part will be start with an icon.
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I think you mean is not ajax but pure Javascript...

and yes marquee is not valid XHTML, try searching on dynamicdrives for javascript that do such thing like marquee. The Javascript version of ticker usually has smooth moves.
Can anybody help me with changing the the lettercolor to black and the background to white.
I tried everything the news_ticker.css changes did not work, changing the lettercolor in template do not work.
In one theme I have got white letter and white background in another theme it is white and black.
I am using only one templateset.
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