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Admin Forums!
(2009-10-23, 03:49 PM)Scoutie44 Wrote: It does freeze kind of with IE7 Undecided

Really, it does need a better theme..

I know, and it annoys me too, especially when I try check for new posts when I am at school. If anyone thinks they know how to fix, send me a PM, and I'll give you access to whatever you need.

(2009-10-23, 07:50 PM)T0m Wrote: I love it! I will join back up in a bit! (I bet you money i will start typing Discussadmin now Toungue

Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.
Sadly, it appears that AF was hacked. All users were deleted, so I will have to do a complete reinstall when I get home. I will not be restoring users since the only backup I had got deleted when I reinstalled Windows on my computer.

I hope everyone who has join will join again.
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.
Aww that sucks, I am sorry to hear that!
Josh, lets not touch a plugin. We only had, what, 2 or 3 installed? So it was either a plugin or MyBB itself.
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That sucks, hope my forum never gets hacked. Can you tell me what plugins you had installed?
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I think we had Profile Views, User Comments, and Buddy list on profile.
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Can you tell us when it's back up?
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I have all of those except for buddy list on profile, you think it was the plugins which did something?

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Awesome! I'm joining.
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I doubt it was the plugins that were the cause, maybe a jealous competitor (The Admin Zone Toungue). I'll join the board as soon as it comes online.
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