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Admin Forums!
...Sorry but I don't think TAZ is jealous of that board. (Not trying to be rude to the owners of the board but the comment above was very idiotic)
Apparently you didnt see the Toungue which was implied to make it as sarcasm.
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phssss AF is better then TAZ, well TAZ has more but a restarted policy called "competition boards" If any boards has the title or URL that uses "the admin" cannot be advertised on there witch is dumb. Becase everyone knows what TAZ is so its not like their gonna loose traffic.

AF & TAE is more better because at least all admins around the word are accepted. No competition with us, its just dumb....
Your not the only that got hacked recently Confused I would have been screwed if the hackers ip was not banned from the server.
Hope to wish you can recover from the hacker that truly sucks.
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