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Displayed Text Manager
heloo there,

umm , i wish my suggestion looks good.

but i hope that we get in the admin cp an option called for example displayed text manager, that will mainly deals with the interface text, so if we need to edit any mybb based text, we go here instead of going to the lan files, search for our target and change it.

so here the manager will show each in categories, and with litle explaination (if needed), and we will be able to change any text in the mybb so easilly.

e.g. i need to change the Important Thread to Sticky

so i go in that manager, i click on forum display category for example, and i find it.

in case we want to make it more advanced, we can also implente the general layout or look of the site. e.g. when u go to edit the sticky thing, u see something that looks like the list it self, by u can edit the text. < this is not really needed now. but at least the normal manager.

It's already an idea for next version.
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
aw really Confused !hehe i have searched before i post Confused !!

but couldn't find anything

i'm sorry
I don't think anyone publically suggested it, but it has been talked about in the our dev group.
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
ow that's perfect

but my question, was the idea of having it with an real interface (layout of the real forum) discussed ?

We were just thinking of adding a language phrase editor in the ACP.
Peter Akkies
ok, that's actually enought i think.

good , hope to have it soon!!

actually vbullettin already has it


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