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My design not my forum
I like it a lot. Black and red are my favorite combo of colors but overall the theme is just awesome. I prefer darker themes myself so definitely not to dark. Was this a custom order with no-resale included or will this be available for public/resale?
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(10-27-2009, 06:45 PM)labrocca Wrote:

It's a theme I have done for the client. Please feel free to give your opinion. Although I am sure the "it's too dark" will be heard I am sure you can give us other input as well.

The requirements given to me for the theme were to use black and red. So I did.

Interesting, standing out of the mass.
I'd not say it's too dark- coders style...

BG is excellent choosen for sure, I'd prefer it to scroll with the page though.

The collapse buttons are not recognizeable as collapse buttons anymore I think.

Postbit buttons are not standing out enough I think. White text could fit better.

Kind regards
Lennart Sauter
My Company - I am Microsoft Certified in HTML5, CSS3 and JS
1. I created that BG from scratch...glad it's well liked

2. I can probably make a similar theme and release it eventually. I'll talk to the person that bought this and see his feelings on the matter. Realistically I own copyright but I wouldn't release without his blessing.

3. I didn't make the logo. I think it's fine though and over time the admins can change it.

Quote:Postbit buttons are not standing out enough I think. White text could fit better.

Possibly. I play around a lot with various colors and this seemed to work well. Part of the readability of this dark theme is to not create too much contrast. It allows your eyes to adjust to it's darker tones. If you incorporate too much contrast that will be a problem. Imagine being in a black room for 30 second. You normally can see things eventually. Now imagine in the corner a bright light. This will not help you see on the other side of that light where it's not shining.

I been using the site frequently since it's install. The more I use it...the more I like it.
You are certainly right about the contrast but the white color on the new reply buttons fit nicely, you should try that I think. I'd not point it too light, don't use red on postbit eighter but a bit lighter could be better.
Just my opinion though Smile
My Company - I am Microsoft Certified in HTML5, CSS3 and JS
It looks nice, just on the contrast part.. some of the famfamfam icons stand out a bit too much, perhaps a lower opacity would look better? Plus the red on the left and right is a tad bright on the eyes >.>

Also, the buttons (input.button class just needs to be added) would integrate better if they were customized.

Other than that it suits the site nicely, good job Smile
good u

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