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Ryan G's Mods And Plugins - Updated for 1.4!
I'm excited about #3 and #4
Chris - my personal site and little graphic/web/print design operation
Can't wait for #2 & #4. When do you expect them to be publicly released?

[Need Smilies? Get Me Smileys!
The Quick edit should be out in a week or less Smile
Very cool
Awesome. I also wanted to let you know I got the PMA to work. Thanks. Smile - Parent-to-Parent discussion forums
#2 and #4 really have me excited.

Great Jobs on all of them, though!
I've gotton around to changing the code a bit and adding a "Delete" feature. You can do this by clicking on the "PM ID" column in the row of the pm you want to delete. It will then bring up a popup menu, and give you two options.
1) Delete
2) Archive

I havnt implimented the archive feature yet, so its disabled for now. After that, you click on the "Delete" Link, and it will prompt you. The rest should be self explanitory.

I have updated the first post with Beta 2. Let me know if you have any bugs/problems with it

Note: It uses Javascript & AJAX, so make sure you have Javascript turned on.

On a side note, I have also prepared my mod to work with this. I am very excited about this, because its very simple to do and simplies the number of steps it takes to install this plugin. When the "MyBB Expansion Modules" come out, you will need only 2 steps to install, of which are VERY simple! Once the "MyBB Expansion Modules" come out of beta, I will release a version to work with them. I would strongly encourage you to use the "Module" version, as its versatile and easy for me to update and change.

School first, everything else second. Wink
I've released a Debugging script that will "recount" your users posts.

On another note, I've been spending lots of amounts of time trying to get the Quick Edit working write... And no success... It will update properly, but if you do it more than once, it turns into a bugs world... Its crazy... I have no clue whats going wrong. Sad Sad Sad

Does anyone want me to release a beta version of the Quick Edit, and see if anyone is willing to try and fix it?

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