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Ryan G's Mods And Plugins - Updated for 1.4!
Looks like the wrong type of quote marks are used around the field name.
ALTER TABLE `mybb_adminoptions` DROP COLUMN `caneditpms`
Or you can remove them. You only need them when you use MySQL keywords as column namings or tables.
Updated Site!
My mods
1.1: MyBB Zip Installer, Easy Install v2.0, Cash/Points plugin, PayPal/Subscriber, Reply by email, Advanced Plugins
As I said in my last post (, I have already fixed it.

Labster, download the file in this post and put it in the ./inc/plugins directory

Attached Files
.php   plugpma.php (Size: 2.17 KB / Downloads: 442)
Fixed... and works Super Fine. Lol
Great. I've fixed some more bugs that I've found myself, and added some small features, like in the search, when you type ALL it will bring up a list of all the members.

This will be in 1.4 Final, which should be released any day now.
Well nice work is there any way to delete the users PMs
no, not yet, but there will be one soon
Yes. Re-download the attachment in the first post.
UPDATE: Private Message Admin 2.2.1 Released!

All the Private Messages on your board may be managed in this plugin. You can search, read, delete or archive, and MUCH MUCH More!


Version 1.0
* Initial Release

Version 1.3
* - Security Upgrades
* - Advanced Statistics - (Status, Include Sig, Smilies On, Reciept, Read Time)
* - User Private Message Search
* - Easy Install/Advanced Plugins Compatibility
* - Plugin Capabilities
* - Simplified Install Process
* - Orderable by PM ID, Subject, Message, User from, and User to
* - Changeable Ascending/Descending(oldest/newest) Order (Descending by default)
* - Send Time
* - Built in Profile System
* - Icons shown in subject
* - Hovering over a subject or a message will show you the full message (Shows only partial in firefox)
* - Fixed Many bugs
* - 12-19-05 | Fixed a couple of bugs with plugpma.php

Version 1.4
* - Ordered source code neatly
* - Made a little more compatible
* - Fixed bugs
* - Added a On Mouse Over effect
* - Optimized search performance and added some small functions to make it more user compatible

Version 2.0
* - System TOTALLY rewritten to be faster and more compatible
* - Private Messages are Deletable
* - You can archive and view archived Private Messages
* - You can "not show" duplicate Private Messages
* - Search Private Messages from, to, and both
* - Security rebuffed
* - Profile Pops-up in a seperate window now
* - Profile tables changed to save space and easier to view
* - Check for Updates feature
* - Implimitation with Private Message Report System
* - Ability to make Case Sensative Searches
* - Experimental AJAX included in source but not enabled
* - The Private Message "Viewer" can be closed
* - Nav has been updated to be more detailed
* - Lots of bug fixes

Version 2.1
* - Works with external language file for easy language conversion
* - MyCode is now removed from the message when viewing it from the "Home" (preview/main) section
* - Now redirects you back to your last page after you (un)archive/delete
* - Swear words and now filtered out
* - Fixed a bug while searching
* - Fixed a bug while archiving/deleting private messages
* - Fixed a bug while redirecting
* - Fixed a bug when viewing an external avatar through the profile
* - Fixed a couple of spelling errors

Version 2.2
* - Small fix in language files. See fix below to manually patch
* - <list> bug
* - CSS bug with highlighting
* - You can turn on or off on mouse over highlighting
* - You can turn on or off AJAX (Note: AJAX is still beta)
* - Fixed bug with Settings while activating
* - Redundent code removed
* - Fixed bug with Admin Permissions

Version 2.2.1
* - Fixed bug when there are no private messages
* - Fixed visual bug when a row is empty in profile
* - Fixed bug with avatars

In addition to this you can find a module version at the bottom of this post


If you have Advanced Plugins Installed you can 'Check for updates'. You will also be notified of new versions via Private Message Admin.


1) If you are still recieving error(s) please email the error(s) with information on it to [email protected]

2) You may also post your problems in this thread

Module installation:



Normal installation:



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