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Site Lot - Buy,Sell & Discuss Websites.
I am using MYBB for my forum software instead of vB, and by far I can say, MyBB has an edge on vB. Check us out and post here.
well it's nice

however i wish u had a better logo Smile try to make an advanced oneSmile

Isn't this whole idea based on my forum

Buy, Sell & Talk Domains.

Why can't people comeeout with their own ideas.
Because he probably wishes to start his own thing. You aren't the boss of the world to be honest.

If the first webhost out there got mad cause other people started having webhosts, do you really think anyone would care?


I like the theme. The logo I think isn't that good though, but it's nice in general.
Nice forum you have got their! Well done very good work!

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