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Shady Utopia
Shady Utopia (Back Online!)

What is Shady Utopia?
Shady Utopia is an utopia where the liberal, tolerant youth is welcome. Why do I place two big adjectives before youth? Because I want to gather people from around the world, so I don't want xenophobia. I want to gather Atheists, Muslims, Christians and people from other religions together, so I don't want religious discrimination. I want to gather heterosexuals as well as bisexuals, gays, asexuals and other minorities so I don't want homophobia.

I won't accept intolerance in my Utopia, that's the most important rule. So please, if you have any problems accepting those that are different, don't join.

I was inspired when I read that Facebook had been trying to get people from around the world together, people of different faiths or sexuality.

The board was started last night, which means we're just starting to gather members so it will be relatively empty.

Now, thanks for reading and voila the link:
You need a new host my friend.
(11-07-2009, 12:24 AM)NetSage Wrote: You need a new host my friend.

Why? Huh
Because your site is under review currently so we can't access it and 00webhost doesn't have the best reputation.
Oh wow, it loaded just a few minutes ago. If it's so bad, can you guys suggest another good free webhost? I'm not going to pay until I'm sure the site will get activity and succeed...
In the words of Bay Brad:
Quote:A man walked into an interview for a job at a bank wearing a dirty t-shirt and blue jeans covered in paint. The manager, shocked, said, "What ... why are you wearing that to this interview!?"

The man replied, "Oh, I don't want to invest in a suit unless I know I will get the job."

I recommend that you invest $15 into your site and get good hosting and a domain but it's your choice.
No, the thing is I have already spent quite a lot of money in previous sites that have ultimately failed and I don't come from a rich family, we're not even middle class here.
My suggestion is give Zymic a try, not a bad host. You can also search around free hosting services provided by MyBB Community Members.

Here are few things that you might be interested in, I picked them out for you so you don't have to spend time searching.

5 GB disk space, 5 MySQL Databases, 50000MB Bandwith (50 GB)

Ask the hosting operators to they support adding a domain via CHAME so you can use free services out there like which provides descent free domains like there is also ip-free I believe.

-Hope this helps.
@Ohayo goshuujin-sama!
[Image: ad?utm_ref=ptsoft&utm_oath=1xcHRzb2Z0LmluZm8]
Oh wow Kyonko, you took the time to do all that for me? :O

Thanks a lot, I will consider the options you provided and see which best suits my site Big Grin
I sticked with Zymics a while back, I like there services fast, descent features, easy to use custom admin panel and best of all you can make as many hosting accounts as you want under your one username account.

I used to have 3 accounts. I used each of them for different things and pointed them all to one primary domain that I used one account would act as a storage to store images and so on while the others would act as what ever else I needed them for.
@Ohayo goshuujin-sama!
[Image: ad?utm_ref=ptsoft&utm_oath=1xcHRzb2Z0LmluZm8]

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