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Customize / Start your theme!
Really nice tutorial Big Grin

[Image: Graphicsfans.png]
Click on the picture to join us!
Hey, I was wondering if someone could give me a hand with some css code so I can put a banner at the top of my forums similar to here.
Basically there is a picture with a middle resizing background and another picture on the right.

My forum: Halogrounds

Any help would be appreciated. Smile
Argh! i made a great Website theme, cut up all the images and douch, now today iv been applying it to my boards (Bloody glorious task psht!) lol its takeing forever, but the main problem at the moment is
"Content Table Width"
As it isnt working, so i think where i was editing up the header and footer, i missed the <div> tag.. if it is in a <div> tag!
erm.. little help please, in the templates section.. where is
"Content Table Width" Set? I found;

<div id="content">
in my header.. and iv got that setup..
[Image: forum_sig.gif]
WHat do you want to do exactly .. tell me i will fix it for you
Is there any way I can put something like this at the borders?
[Image: border.gif]
[Image: banner-wow.gif]
This needs some templating in addition to CSS. so depending on the place you want to show it, you select a template to be edited.
How do I change my Navigation Breadcrumb font color ?
[Image: banner-wow.gif]
kingvarun Wrote:How do I change my Navigation Breadcrumb font color ?

In the theme editor
[Image: szbz7.gif]
I know but from where?
[Image: banner-wow.gif]
kingvarun Wrote:I know but from where?

ACP - Themes [Modify/Delete] - MyBB Default [Expand] {if you have several themes you probably need to change it everywhere} - Scroll down until you reach "Navigation Breadcrumb (Customized in this style)" ; in the Link CSS Attributes change the Font Color of "Normal Links".

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