[Request] Automatically send PM to topicstarter when topic is moved or renamed
I have a forum that is mainly for software help/support. Most of my users are not experienced pc users and for allot of them it will be the first time they post on a forum too. Because of that I have allot of people on my forum who make beginner mistakes.

Two of the common mistakes that are made on my forum are "posting new topics in the wrong section" and "using a wrong topic title". I don't want to punish them for that (we were all noob once), but I do like to educate them a bit so they won't make the same mistake again. And another reason for my request is: Many users try to find their own threads by browsing to the section the posted it in and then they look for their topic name... so they can't find it back when a mod or admin moved or renamed the topic.

So here is my request:
- Send a PM to the topic starter every time the topic is moved to another section or when the topic title was edited by a moderator or admin.
- The PM should be send automatic so the mod/admin doesn't have to do any extra things.
- The text of the PM should be predefined and should be changeable in the AdminCP. (1 text for moved topics and 1 text for renamed topic titles)
- It would be nice when you could use variables in the predefined PM message. For example: "Hello. Your topic [url =%TOPICURL%]%TOPICTITLE%[/ url] has been moved from %OLDSECTION% to %NEWSECTION%. Please try to post topics in the right section next time...". And: "Hello. Your topic %OLDTOPICTITLE% has been renamed to [url =%TOPICURL%]%TOPICTITLE%[/ url]. Please try to pick a good topic title next time...".
- Additionally (but not required for my own forum) this plugin could also send a PM to topic starters when their topic was deleted be a mod/admin

This is what i've thought of so far and what would by useful for my forum. Others are free to make suggestions/comments Smile. Much thanks if somebody can make a plugin like this and i can imagine it would be useful for other MyBB sites too.
Working on it Smile
I love you Smile
MenthiX Wrote:I love you Smile

yeah baby.. Smile
This is an excellent idea! Let me know when it is complete

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Current status:
A pm on subject edit is already working, but I still have to write a descent pm.
A pm on move is not yet working but I haven't spent much time on it yet.
A pm on deletion works, but at this moment only when you use quickdelete in the post.

And please don't spam these threads...
* Smethead looks at [email protected]
This would be a great thing. Some people aren't smart enough to find their threads even when it says "Moved". LOL

It's hella annoying.
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lol yup
Nice. Sorry for replying so late, but school was busy and installed it just 2 days ago because of that. It looks very nice except from one little problem I have.

The problem is related to the PM templates. The variables that you can use to generate links to the topic aren't right on my board.

Move templates:
{1} = [ url=http://showthread.php/?tid=TID]THREADTITLE[/url ]
{2} = [ url=http://forumdisplay.php/?fid=FID]OLDFORUMSECTION[/url ]
{3} = [ url=http://forumdisplay.php/?fid=FID]NEWFORUMSECTION[/url ]

Rename templates:
{2} = [ url=http://showthread.php/?tid=TID]NEWTHREADTITLE[/url ]

There is nothing wrong with THREADTITLE, OLDFORUMSECTION, NEWFORUMSECTION, NEWTHREADTITLE, TID or FID. But as you can see, the domainname is missing in the url links and showthread.php/forumdisplay.php is in the wrong place.

I don't know if others have this problem too. Looks easy to fix, just place *.php behind the last slash and use the Board URL in front of that. I didn't take a look at your source yet to see if my board is just acting strange or if you mixed things up a little. I'm currently running my board under Windows IIS btw, that might have something to-do with it.

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