Removing the [change user] thing plugin that doesn't work
(if you don't feel like reading all below, basically I am asking what I am doing wrong and is it even possible.)
So I noticed how useless the [change user] box was and thought about moving it. I don't really care that its there but figure it would be the perfect change to try and figure out the plugin system. So I fire up filezilla and open newthread.php and find

// If we have a currently logged in user then fetch the change user box.
if($mybb->user['uid'] != 0)
	eval("\$loginbox = \"".$templates->get("changeuserbox")."\";");

After a tiny bit of work I write my test plugin

// Disallow direct access to this file for security reasons
	die("Direct initialization of this file is not allowed.<br /><br />Please make sure IN_MYBB is defined.");

", "Sameuserer");

function Sameuser_info()

	return array(
		"name"			=> "Same user",
		"description"	=> "Removes the usesless Change user under new topic",
		"website"		=> "",
		"author"		=> "Aaron Disibio",
		"authorsite"	=> "",
		"version"		=> "1.0",
		"guid" 			=> "",
		"compatibility" => "*"

function Sameuserer($page)
	str_replace("eval(\"\$loginbox = \"\".$templates->get(\"changeuserbox\").\"\";\");", "", $page);


As you may have figured out, it doesn't remove the [change user] box. No big deal to me but I am wondering how you would go about doing it. (Or is it even possible because it is before any run_hooks functions).

I would prefer you guys to explain what your code does (as I only care about this plugin in an educational sense).

Thanks for your time!

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