[Request] Latest posts page
I would like a latest posts page on my forum, not like "View New Posts" or "View Today's Posts", but something similar to the latest posts page used on msghelp.net.

Take a look at http://msghelp.net/latest.php

I have talked to WDZ (creator of that page) in the past, but he didn't want to give out any of his code. But I still want something like this, there is nothing wrong with re-creating this and make it a public plugin right? (Sorry, WDZ, I still love you though :p)

What should the mod do?
- Create a page of all the topics, sorted by the timestamp of the last reply.
- The list of topics should be divided in pages. How many topics you want per page should be set somewhere (either global in AdminCP or per user in UserCP... doesn't really matter to me)
- A good indication of which topic you already read. And which topic you already posted in (you can use existing MyBB functions for that).
- An option to show only the topics that don't have any reply yet is useful too.
- The link to the "Mark All Forums Read" function should display on this page.
- And option to automatically refresh the page each few minutes would be nice too, but is not needed.
- An option to Hide Forums like the one on msghelp.net has would be nice too, but I won't need it.

Others are free to make suggestions/comments Smile. Much thanks if somebody can make a plugin like this and I can imagine it would be useful for other MyBB sites too.
I agree, the "View New Posts" and "View Today's Posts" pages lack some of the features I want. In addition to what you listed, I'd like to have "go to first unread post" links. Forumdisplay already has those, so it shouldn't be too hard to add them to the search pages...

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