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myBB Gamer (UPDATED 19/02/11)
myBB Gamer 1.2 Due for release today, small bug fixes and extra PSDs for navigation.
What is the difference compared to the previous version, i only see different menu buttons ^^.
Anywayz, loved this theme from the start and still using it.

Best regards, Laeresh
It's just the menu thats changed, and it now includes the menu psd, and footer psd Smile
Menu PSD is what i missed in the last one.
Although i've made a good alternative.
Will check it out anywayz.
( I do have a simple question, the header and footer provided were kind of light blue, but whenever i open the .psd and make an image with it, it's all a lot darker, still looks cool though, is this because i am using GIMP ? )
I imagine so mate.
Theme updated, please update your themes!
(2009-12-26, 04:42 AM)Mark.M Wrote:
(2009-12-25, 09:52 PM)Raekwon Wrote: amazing theme. is there any way i can customize this to be wide?

Do you know how to edit the Global.css ?

If so just change the width to say 90% (I can't tell you for sure, but look around)

If you don't i'll try to help you tomorrow/day after. Just not my computer.

thanks. also, will this theme work for 1.6?
Evidence - Cats&Dogs...
wait will be over soon
It should do, working on a 1.6 version.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
is this compatible with 1.6?
any date of when will be ready? D:
i have already ported to 1.6 and noticed that this theme is not compatible =(
Why is it not compatible, i've tried it and seems ok?

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