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As you know by the title, this is a community forum, which means it's for everyone. It is currently under construction so we also need help but part of that support is to join so please, if you think it's good so far, register on this link:

Also, here are some key features:

1. Chat on the Site with Chatango
2. Donation service, who does this gets free premium, or if you refer 5 people, you get this rank as well. This is a limited time offer

Anyways hope you like it and have a good day.
You need a new header.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
yes i know we're still under construction
You should've waited until you were somewhat more finished.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
Hmm, this is not the first time some one did this ^^, I would usually like to go to sites that are finished rather then in construction.
@Ohayo goshuujin-sama!
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i only advertosed this so we could get some people to help us out, not so much just to increase our community. Also if someone can fix this, we're experiencing technical difficulties while on the site because somethings are doubled, so it would be really nice if someone could come on and kind of be our "support guy" too.
Hmm, you do know that since you are using a MyBB hosting service a forum technician would not be able to do much if this is a problem with the host since there is no access to the files. I could fit the role but ones again there is no access to Control Panel for the server meaning the only people that can help are the host operators them selfs.

Unless I am wrong and offers access to cPanel or any other Panel system they use Direct Admin, cPanel and ect.
@Ohayo goshuujin-sama!
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then we'll just use a new header. I made a suggestion for it on the forum itself already. Thanks anyway Tom and Kyonko Smile
Your welcome ^^

P.S. Why are you looking for website developer? If your site is hosted on free MyBB hosting site I don't see a use in Website Developer as this is a person who will develops your site in sense of coding it all with languages like Perl, Ruby, Python. You need staff ^^ not website developers and you need some one who has some knowledge of CSS in which case you need web designer to maintain your site but not developer, lol.
@Ohayo goshuujin-sama!
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Loads slow Sad

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