Update Sidebox Plug-in
(2009-11-15, 05:09 PM)FullMetalBabe Wrote: Yeah, yeah, let's not voice our opinions and tell the dude it does work that he doesn't need to be waiting, instead of fixing the problem, that it's not broken, we go around it.

Love how you city works.

That wasn't the point either. Yeah. That plugin works. BUGGILY. That was the point. And there is no more waiting, its up.
M'kay then. The plugin works just fine it never had a bug and I've been using it since MyBB 1.4.1, but your plugin is up, so yeah.
The bug is only on deactivation. It leaves crap in your templates. A LOT of crap. And seemingly totally at random too. Which just means the template "de-edit" code in deactivation has issues.

Which is why I said use Labrocca's if you don't need the extra features in mine. I've only seen his do that once, and that was because we had manually edited the template and the pattern no longer matched. OOPS.
I want a solution, Can anybody update the plug-in or can install it on my forum properly??
Some says the plug-in works perfectly some says its full of bugs. I am confuse. Solution please.
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