Update Sidebox Plug-in
Can anybody please update Sidebox plug-in so that we can use it with mybb

Plug-in link: http://mods.mybboard.net/view/side-boxes-21
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this plugin works for 1.4.9. I have tried it. And I have it on one of my forums rinning 1.4.9 and it works perfectly.
It works but while login from quick login box u get a error...how do u fix it??
It what forum you are using the plug-in? Can you give me the link?
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what is the error you are getting? When you click "Login" is it bringing you to "http://yoursite.com/main/index.php?"?
In the near future the Subscriptions section of SCD will be opened with the Sidebox plugin I wrote. It blows all existing sideboxes out of the water.

Brief feature synopsis:
  • Ability to replace the portal page stock sideboxes with your custom setup with a click of the button
  • Left, Right, or Both for sidebox positioning (Both lets you choose how you split the boxes)
  • Width customization from the Admin CP
  • Its own Admin CP settings section
  • Index, Forum, and Thread view support.
  • Sideboxes customizable PER group. (Works off primary group only)
  • Your Sidebox templates stay even if you deactivate the plugin, unless you go into the Admin CP and choose yes "Delete Templates On Deactivation"
getting this error while loging in from quick log-in box

Tech 2 Game - Ultimate Tech and Game Forum
The username you have entered appears to be invalid.
You have 4 more login attempts.

But the sidebox log-in works well..
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Username: Test
Password: test123

Works perfectly for me.
Are you using mybb 1.4.9 ?
Can you give me your php file.

Let me give you a test account and I am enabling the plug-in in forum,Test it urslf plz..
Plug-in enabled


url: http://www.forum.tech2game.com
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I dont have the PHP file, that site is hosted on a free MyBB hosting site. (I think I have enough money to buy another domain so I will probably make the site on my own instead.)
But yes, it is running 1.4.9
I just gave the owner of the site a link to the plugin and he uploaded it for me. I gave him this link.
Now what I can do? can't figure it out.
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